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Our Websites Are

Editable by You

We build websites using WordPress and easy to use e-commerce packages allowing you to easily maintain your content or you can have us do so if you want a hands off approach. As website devlopment gets more complex we do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to.

Fast and Secure

With over 12 years WordPress experience and over two decades of web and programming experience, we know the best and most efficient ways to build you a website that works, is secure and loads quickly. Page load speed is now a factor in Google rankins so this is as important as the usability and look of your site,

Form Follows Function

We want your site to work the way you need it to work and to show off the aspects of your business you want it to highlight. We keep up with the latest design trends too and will discuss and use these trends where appropriate when designing and discussing design considerations.

Content, Content, Content

We’ll identify all the different ways you want to present content, and build templates to easily create those pages. We’ll will take care of hosting to ensure the fastest performance, the best uptime and use of tools to keep your site running smoothly.


Your website will work great on all modern devices including desktop, tablet and phone. This is done through the use of responsive design which allows site elements to adjust for mobile and tablet, tv and other devices so that content rearranges according to size of the viewing screen providing an excellent user experience.

Built to Last

With our maintenance agreement your site will only get better with every WordPress update. We make sure you are always on the latest version of WordPress and are using up to date top quality plugins. You are hiring a partner not just a developer as we will work together to build a site that meets your objectives and meets current standards.
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How to move your WordPress site to PHP7 from an older version of PHP

There are a few steps to move your WordPress site to PHP7. Recently I have been doing these migrations for clients and my own website, from PHP5.x, to PHP7. So I am sharing the steps it took to get there and some tools that help and pitfalls to avoid. Your first question may be why would want to move your WordPress site to PHP7? There are a couple good reasons. First, looks like WordPress will be bumping up the WordPress from 5.6 to 7.0 by the middle of 2017. As you might know, PHP is the server-side scripting language which WordPress core, themes, and plugins are written in. WordPress is already coded and able to run on PHP 7. Speed is the second reason. PHP7 was built to compete with Facebook’s HVVM and from benchmarks, it looks like it as least twice as fast as the previous version of PHP. On Yoast’s blog there are even more reasons if you want to dig deeper into it. Some of you may be asking what happened to PHP 6? If you have not already made the move, currently you are likely hosting your website some 5.x version of PHP. PHP6 was in development but met some snags during the implementation of language-integrated Unicode. So, the development team scrapped 6 and started on a new version. At this point, the PHP core team was compelled to seriously think about the name of the new major release. And finally, after a vote in July…
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