Sarah Reinertsen Website Case Study

The Sarah Reinertsen website is a case study of the design and development of a website for an influential Paralympic athlete who wanted an updated website built to highlight her athletic achievements and to provide a way for the public to contact her for public speaking engagements and events.

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Update site for to Responsive Design for Mobile Audience

The site for Sarah Reinertsen was designed to perform quickly and efficiently across all size screens even though it has large images and a home page slider with photos that extend the entire width of the page. The site was also given a responsive menu. In addition it has a personalized contact form which works easily on both large screens and mobile devices. The site highlights Sarah’s past speaking engagements, along with her client list. a listing of her athletic accomplishments and recent events. Recent on social media posts are posted. There is a gallery of photos of her participation on The Amazing Race. Her book and where tp purchase it is also included on the site. responsive website

Highlight with video Sarah’s journey to qualify and compete in the Kona, Ironman

For the second time Sarah Reinertsen competed in the Hawaii Ironman. Sarah successfully completed this arduous triathlon again.This page includes Highlights of Sarah’s journey to Kona, illustrated through embedded videos from her newly created IronSarah YouTube channel consisting of a three part web series.It also highlights the latest posts to her Instagram account. Also included is a live update of her fundraising campaign for the Challenged Athletes Foundation which loads the currently raised amount.

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Provide marketing of book and easy way to contact Sarah and her management

We created a custom contact form to make it easy for her, and Sarah’s management, to quickly distinguish which kind of request was being made. The form uses the latest recaptcha from Google, which is mobile friendly, to prevent spam submittals.

Sarah Reinertsen Custom Contact Page

Full screen action photos

Sarah, an accomplished athlete, has many great photos from photoshoots and events. We highlighted them with a home page slideshow of full-screen photos. The slideshow uses CSS only to maintain the speed and performance of the page and highlighting the many of Sarah’s roles and accomplishments.

Highlight Speaking Engagements

Sarah has done many speaking engagements so one page of the site is set aside to highlight her client list. The same page also contains her up-to-the-minute tweets on Twitter, as she loves to engage with competitors and fans.

Sarah Reinertsen Client List and Recent Tweets

Stacey recently designed my website, and she did an excellent job! She helped me build a website that works for my business today and that I can build upon for the future. I have worked with several other web designers before and Stacey is far and away the best I’ve ever worked with. She is a talented designer, and has a depth of skills and knowledge in website optimization that was critical. I was also grateful for her thoroughness and attention to detail – which is important since websites are viewed on so many devices today there is a lot to consider in building a modern website. I would highly recommend working with Sunlit Studios on your next website project.

Sarah Reinertsen